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Starfish Pearl Stud Earrings - Pink
Starfish Pearl Stud Earrings - Pink

Starfish Pearl Stud Earrings - Pink

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Stylish and unique, the Starfish Pearl Stud Earrings - Pink let wearers bring the spirit of the sea with them wherever they go.

Starfish are amongst the first creatures that come to mind when I think of the sea. After storms, my children have always enjoyed strolling along the beach in search of stranded starfish so that they can gently toss them back into the ocean, a la the young hero from the Starfish Parable.

Categorized as deuterostomes, starfish have some remarkable qualities. Several species, for instance, are even able to regenerate lost limbs – a capability that has quite naturally caught the attention of medical researchers across the world!

Playful, symmetrical, and meaningful, starfish are perfect for jewelry – and especially so for a classic pair of studs like these.


  • Brass with Silver Finish & Pink Enamel 
  • Mother-of-Pearl Pearl: Made of Crushed Nacreous Shell Powder
  • 316L Stainless Steel Ear Posts (Hypoallergenic & Nickel-Free)