Holiday Gift Guide

Finding the perfect holiday gift for the beach lover in your life doesn't have to be stressful! We have curated a beautiful collection of nautical keepsakes that are certain to delight and dazzle anyone who loves to live life by the seaside. We've created this guide to give you a sneak peak at some of our favorite pieces, but don't forget to head on over to the shop for our full selection! 

Opal Collection

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind statement piece for someone special, look no further than our unique Opal Collection. Opal is a luminescent, semi-precious gemstone that exists in a vast array of shimmering hues. Many of our hallmark pieces feature brilliant blues that channel the ocean, but our collection also features vibrant reds and dazzling whites that are certain to turn heads.

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Opal Wave Ring - GoBeachy
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Opal Floatie Girl Necklace
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Several white smooth rocks forming a question mark on top of blue pebbles covering the ground.
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Opal Cuff Bracelet displayed by being worn around a woman's wrist.

Abalone & Mother of Pearl Collection

Our Abalone & Mother of Pearl Collection has a wide range of pieces perfect for anyone looking for something merry and bright this holiday season. Mother of pearl, which is found inside the shells of pearl oysters, offers a luminous white base with iridescent tones. Abalone, which occurs naturally in other types of mollusk shells, often appears darker with luminescent hues of aquamarine and azure. Both of these materials echo the beauty of the ocean and can provide a uniquely refined accessory for holiday parties, shopping days, and anything in between.

Larimar Collection

If you know someone looking for a luxurious yet laid-back adornment this holiday season, then Larimar is the perfect gift. Larimar is a naturally-occurring, semi-precious stone that effortlessly channels the ocean. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, it features cerulean blues and frothy whites like the rolling waves of the sea. Keepsakes featuring this stone are perfect for anyone looking for an authentic, beautiful accessory that creates an understated, elegant accent for any look.

Beach Buddies Collection

For many beach lovers, heading to the beach without their favorite four-legged friends is unthinkable. If you know a beachgoer who loves spending time with their pup as much as they love basking in the sun, then a keepsake from our Beach Buddies Collection would make a perfect gift. 

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Opal Infinity Love Paw Cuff Bracelet displayed by being placed on top of a sand covered driftwood.
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Opal Love Paw Studs are displayed by being placed on top of a rock against a blurred background.
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Paw Print Heart Necklace displayed against a white background.
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Beach Paw Print Coin Necklace - GoBeachy

Under the Sea Collection

Our Under the Sea Collection is perfect for anyone who loves the magic of the ocean. This collection features an eclectic selection of beach jewelry inspired by the incredible family of creatures united by the sea. Sea turtles, fish, and starfish feature prominently, and our charm bracelets represents the amazing range of sea life that exists in the aquatic world.

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Starfish Pearl Studs displayed up close by being worn on a woman's ear.
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Sky Blue Rope Sea Turtle Bracelet - GoBeachy
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Enamel Sea Turtle Studs
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Sea Turtle Bead Bracelet - GoBeachy

give the gift of sparkle

If your loved ones can't be by the ocean this holiday season, bring the magic of the beach to them with a piece of our nautically-inspired keepsake jewelry. Each piece has been thoughtfully designed as an homage to the sun, sand, and sea, and we are certain our gifts will warm the hearts of your friends, family, and loved ones. Shop our range of GoBeachy collections today!

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