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Materials and Care

Materials & Care

At GoBeachy, we use a range of beautiful, durable, high-quality materials in our nautically-inspired jewelry. To help customers feel empowered and better understand their new jewelry, we have developed a set of guides that discuss our favorite metals, gemstones, and accents. In each guide, we provide you with detailed information on the materials we use, and we also offer valuable tips and instructions on how to properly care for your GoBeachy jewelry, ensuring it stays as radiant as the day you first wore it. Dive in and discover the secrets to maintaining the allure of your beachy treasures for years to come.

Last updated on 6/12/2023.

Jewelry Care 101
Going on a beachside holiday vacation or thinking ahead to summer? Perhaps you're already dreaming about which beachy accessories might...
A Guide to Larimar Jewelry
At GoBeachy, we can’t think of a more perfect gemstone for beach jewelry than the vibrantly stunning Larimar. Its deep...
Abalone vs. Mother of Pearl: What's the Difference?
At GoBeachy, we incorporate both abalone and mother of pearl into many of our ocean-inspired jewelry designs. Some people believe...
A Guide to .925 Silver Jewelry
.925 silver, also known as sterling silver, is beloved by jewelry connoisseurs everywhere. Its bright sparkle, durable finish, hypoallergenic properties,...
A Guide to Enamel Jewelry
Throughout history, people have valued enamel for its versatility and smooth, colorful appearance. Enameling allows jewelry designers to create stunning pieces...
A Guide to Opal Jewelry
Opal is a dazzling, luminescent semi-precious gemstone that exists in a vast collection of shimmering hues. The price point for...
A Guide to Resin
Resin jewelry has recently increased in popularity due to its eye-catching style and versatility. Resin is a viscous, clear substance...

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