Tips for Choosing Children’s Jewelry

Jewelry is a thoughtful gift, and it can be especially meaningful when given to a child who may not yet have many keepsakes of their own. Shopping for a four year old is very different from shopping for a pre-teen, however, and choosing the perfect piece can be a challenge. Here are some top tips for selecting a piece of jewelry that is certain to make your recipient smile.

Find The Right Piece

Some jewelry styles are more appropriate than others for children depending on their age, preferences, and lifestyle. Durable pieces without small parts work well for younger kids, while older children may appreciate jewelry with finer details. When browsing, consider the following:

Bracelets & Necklaces

Bracelets and necklaces are fun, versatile accessories that come in an infinite array of styles and colors. They are also more difficult to lose than smaller accessories like earrings and necklaces. You can base your choice of gift off of your recipients passions and hobbies, which will make them feel seen and loved. It is important to note, however, that necklaces can pose a safety risk to very young children. 


Earrings are a stylish choice for any child who wants to express themselves through their jewelry. If your recipient recently got their ears pierced, consider studs or very light dangle earrings crafted from sterling silver that won’t irritate their piercing. Older kids may appreciate stylish, colorful dangle earrings to add a bit of flair to their budding fashion sense. For kids without pierced ears, clip-on or magnetic earrings present a fun, safe alternative. Consider hypoallergenic metals like sterling silver to avoid any adverse reactions.


Rings come in many shapes, sizes, materials, and colors, and they can be a fabulous choice for older kids and teens. If you would like to get a younger child a ring, opt for something colorful, playful, and inexpensive – items as small as rings can be easy to lose for small children. Before purchasing a ring for your recipient, find out their ring size or purchase a ring that is adjustable. 

Consider Age

If your little fashionista has a favorite activity, hobby, or style, then finding a piece of related jewelry is certain to be a hit. Children’s preferences vary greatly based on age, so the following tips may be helpful when looking for the right piece:

Younger Children

  • Consider your recipient’s favorite toys, activities, TV shows, and characters.

  • Choose jewelry that is durable and damage-resistant.

  • Ensure the product has no small parts and is safe for young children.

  • Opt for plastic or resin-based necklaces and bracelets, which are colorful, durable, and often sparkly.

  • Stay away from beads and thin elastics.

Older Children

  • Ask your recipient (or their parents) which jewelry they enjoy wearing the most – some kids collect bracelets, while others like to change up their necklaces and earrings for exciting new looks.

  • Choose a piece that mirrors their favorite activities: sports like gymnastics, soccer, basketball, field hockey, and horseback riding are all popular choices for charms on necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

  • Consider their favorite colors and interests (beach, flowers, science, nature, etc).

  • Think of your recipient’s preferred fashion trends – children start to develop a sense of style earlier than you might think.


  • While teens still appreciate gifts tailored to their favorite activities, they may also be ready for something more refined and mature.

  • If you are celebrating a teen’s important milestone or birthday, consider a piece that contains semi-precious gemstones (birthstones), pearls, and/or precious metals to commemorate the occasion.

  • Consider intricate pieces like dangle earrings, necklaces, and rings that evoke a specific sense of style.

Show Them You Care

Finding ways to connect with the kids in your life can be challenging. If you are trying to find a way to forge a special bond with a child in your life, you may want to give them a piece of keepsake jewelry that will last them a lifetime. Some ideas include: 

Message Jewelry

Necklaces and bracelets that feature inspirational messages are often a huge hit with kids. If you want to clearly spell out an important message for your giftee or want to inspire them with some words of wisdom, message jewelry is the perfect solution. 

Birthstone Jewelry

Celebrate your recipient with jewelry that features their birthstone. If you aren’t sure which stone is theirs, consult this list of birthstones to get started.


If you want to give a customized gift, consider a necklace that features the recipient's initials, name, or something else unique and meaningful to them. Individual sellers based on platforms like Etsy can often create keepsake pieces that will surprise and delight their wearer.


Lockets are a traditional, stylish gift option for a child. If you choose a locket, consider adding a special photo inside prior to gifting, or leave it intentionally blank so the child can add their own.

Gift Ideas

The fashion world is brimming with exciting jewelry trends inspired by today’s pop culture. Some jewelry trends kids and teens might enjoy include:

Necklace with Basic Charm

Necklaces that feature a lone charm or pendant on a chain are timeless, and they can work well for younger kids, older children, and teens. Be sure to find a piece that is both beautiful and durable, as your recipient may want to wear it every day.

Beach Jewelry

If your giftee is a beach lover, consider a piece of beach-inspired jewelry that echoes the beauty of the ocean. Sea turtles, waves, lobsters, dolphins, and shells abound in our current GoBeachy collection. 


Synthetic opal is popular in the jewelry world, and it makes a wonderful choice for children’s jewelry. It’s durable, colorful, and affordable, and its dazzling trait called “play-of-color” helps it give off a sparkling rainbow of colors that would delight any recipient. 

Gifts for everyone!

While choosing the right jewelry gift for a child can be a challenge, hopefully these tips will help guide you in your search. Browse our GoBeachy selection today which is brimming with attractive, durable, meaningful gifts for wearers of all ages. 

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