Necklaces being hung up close with a beach background and text that reads 'Sea Glass Beach Paw Necklaces.'
Necklaces being hung up close with a beach background and text that reads 'Sea Glass Beach Paw Necklaces.'

Sea Glass Beach Paw Necklace Bundle

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Immerse yourself in the coastal charm of our remarkable Sea Glass Beach Paw Necklace, a versatile accessory reminiscent of carefree days spent at the beach with your furry friend!

This unique piece, crafted with love and inspired by the playful spirit of your pup, is a perfect blend of style and sentiment. Elevate your look by pairing it with your favorite outfit, adding a touch of nautical flair that speaks to your love for the sea. Unleash the magic of the ocean and celebrate the bond with your four-legged companion in a beautifully crafted necklace that's as remarkable as your shared moments. Seize the opportunity to express your seaside passion with this must-have jewelry, an ideal gift for any beach and dog lover alike.


  • 1x Sea Glass Beach Paw Necklace - Blue
  • 1x Sea Glass Beach Paw Necklace - Green
  • 1x Sea Glass Beach Paw Necklace - Pink

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