5 Ways to Accessorize your OOTD

Choosing an outfit of the day (fashionably known as “OOTD”) doesn’t need to be complicated. It does, however, require some thoughtful consideration (i.e. “What events will I be going to today?” and “Can I settle on just one outfit?”). Whether you want to dress up your look or wear something a bit more understated, jewelry is the perfect way to polish any look. In this post, we’ll show you five ways to accessorize an OOTD that will help you look and feel stylish for a multitude of occasions.

Be Elegant

Cocktail parties, bridal showers, and other semi-formal events are reasons to shine. If you are looking to dress up your typical outfit of the day for one of these occasions, wear bright, delicate jewelry that will help you stand out in a crowd. Appropriate for this occasion are silver accessories featuring shimmering accents like moonstone and opal. Choose a bolder color and design if your outfit is a bit understated, and if you have a nice manicure, accent your hands with a lovely piece of jewelry like an opal wave ring. Wearing intricate adornments or dazzling designs can elevate a basic OOTD into a polished, elegant ensemble.

Make an Understatement

If you’re going to an event where an understated OOTD is desired, accessorizing tactfully is key. Whether you are headed to a job interview or are giving a presentation, professional events like these demand a polished, neutral look. This tactic allows you to look put together, while clients, bosses, and colleagues focus more on what you have to say than on your style choices. Wear accessories like studs or a simple chain necklace with a pendant, but stay away from statement pieces that could distract your audience. Incorporate a few more tasteful pieces like a minimal bangle and some simple rings, and you’ve procured a well thought-out OOTD.

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Go Lightweight

On days where you will be out running errands, practicality should be the essence of accessorizing. Wear something lightweight that won’t weigh you down or feel distracting like a small pendant necklace. This piece is not only sensible, but it can instantly amplify a basic look. If your outfit has a V-neck or plunging neckline, choose a necklace with a long chain (i.e. 30’’) – this will add balance to your OOTD. Finalize your appearance with additional lightweight jewelry such as rings or studs, and choose pieces that are representative of your style.

Have Fun

For a fun beach party or happy hour OOTD, you’ll want to dress casually and boldly. You can experiment with any designs that evoke your personal style. For example, try an ocean charm bracelet or stud earrings with a starfish design. If you love animals, play up your look with something from our Beach Buddies collection -- an anklet or necklace that celebrates your special bond with a four-legged friend can be both fun and stylish. Be sure to browse our collection and choose OOTD accessories that echo your energy!

Get Your Glow On

If a date night with your significant other is on the itinerary tonight, opt for eye-catching jewelry that will make you hard to miss. Try on a pair of iridescent abalone earrings; the color palette of abalone is gorgeous and unique. Accessorize with other special designs such as a wave cuff or bar necklace, and pick a striking color like opal blue to add a pop of color. To make an occasion memorable, you also need to create an OOTD that is equally as unforgettable.

Rock Your STyle

Styling for your OOTD should be fun and stress free! In this article, we’ve covered tips to help you transition into any setting, formal or informal, by choosing the perfect accessories for any look. At GoBeachy, we love jewelry that evokes personal style and sensibility – if you are looking for pieces to add to your personal collection, shop with us today!