Why We Love Rosie's Dog Beach

Why We Love
Rosie's Dog Beach

In a perfect world, many of us would love to bring our dogs to the beach with us every time we go. Unfortunately, many beaches don’t allow our canine companions, so it’s up to us as pup owners to find the perfect beachy oasis for our furry friends. While there are many dog friendly beaches across the United States, our favorite has to be Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach, California. Whether you live in the Golden State or happen to be visiting the area soon with your four-legged bestie, this article can serve as your guide to everything you might like to know about Rosie’s Dog Beach.

About Rosie’s Dog Beach

Rosie’s Dog Beach is nestled in the beautiful, temperate sands of Long Beach, California. It occupies 2.9 acres of beach off of Ocean Boulevard between Granada Avenue and Roycroft Avenue. It is not fenced in, and other swimmers are of course welcome in this area at the same time. While owners are encouraged to bring their own doggie bags and scoopers, the beach offers these for anyone who needs them. Beach facilities also include the Fountain of Woof, a low-to-the-ground drinking fountain for dogs, located in the parking lot on Argonne Avenue. 

Pups can be seen regularly splashing in the waves, digging in the sand, carrying on with other energetic pups, and playing fetch. Additionally, the area is surrounded by many dog-friendly establishments, so you can take your dog to play and grab a bite to eat when you’re finished. As one reviewer on TripAdvisor states, it really is “a dog’s paradise!”

Dogs make everything more fun.

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The History of Rosie’s Dog Beach

Rosie’s Dog Beach was officially established on Sunday, June 24, 2001, thanks to the efforts of local dog owner Justin Rudd. While some residents were concerned that off-leash dogs on the beach would make too much commotion and mess, Rudd and his bulldog, Rosie, were determined to show the locals that playful pups wouldn’t disturb the community. He sought permission from the city, who allowed Rudd to run a series of special events between 2001 and 2003, where dogs were allowed to come and play off-lead on the beach.

Once this testing period ended, Long Beach City Council officially certified this special area of Long Beach as a “Dog Beach Zone.” The beach was renamed Rosie’s Dog Beach on August 3, 2010 to honor Rudd’s special bulldog, Rosie. Now, Rosie’s Dog Beach is the only off-lead dog beach in Los Angeles County, and we are here for it!

planning your visit & beach Rules

If you’re planning to visit Rosie’s Dog Beach, there are a few things you should know:

  • Dogs are only allowed on the beach between 6:00AM and 8:00PM.

  • Parking is free before 8:00AM and after 6:00PM – yay!

  • Also, parking is a breeze. There are over 600 parking spaces in the area and pay stations located nearby – we recommend entering the parking lot by Granada Avenue or 1 Bennett Avenue to be closest to the beach.

  • Only one dog per adult visitor is allowed – if you’re bringing more than one dog, be sure to bring a friend to comply with the rules.

  • Dogs must be responsive to voice commands and visible to the owner at all times.

  • Dog owners must, of course, always remove dog waste and dispose of it in the containers provided.

  • We recommend reviewing the beach’s full set of rules – there are quite a few!

Find your happy place

Here at GoBeachy, we all agree that watching our pups prance in the waves, chase their favorite tennis ball on the beach, and romp through the sand with other happy pooches is the closest thing to pure joy we’ve ever seen. If you’re visiting Long Beach or already live nearby, don’t miss out on visiting Rosie’s Dog Beach! After you go, let us know what you think in the comments! Are you looking for a way to celebrate the amazing bond you have with your precious pup? Then don’t forget to check out our Beach Buddies collection of pet-inspired beach jewelry today. 

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