A Guide to Enamel Jewelry

Throughout history, people have valued enamel for its versatility and smooth, colorful appearance. Enameling allows jewelry designers to create stunning pieces in a wide array of different finishes and colors, and consumers continue to hold it in high regard. In this guide, we explore the basics of enamel, the common uses of enameling in jewelry, and how to properly clean and care for your enamel jewelry.


Enamel consists of powder coating that is fused to a metal base through high heat. It’s also known as porcelain enamel, painted glass, and vitreous enamel. Enamel creators focus on balancing both temperature and pigmentation to achieve their desired results. Low heat often creates weak enamel that looks more opaque and laid-back, while high heat yields strong enamel that appears translucent and vibrant.


There are many different styles of enamel (Plique a Jour, Meenakari, Cloisonné, and Champlevé), all of which require different approaches from enamel artists. At GoBeachy, the technique our jewelry makers use is closest to Champlevé. Many of our pieces utilize a metal charm with divots and raised edges – we then fill the divots with striking blue and green enamel to evoke the spirit of the ocean, and the small ridges of the charm (like a starfish or a sea turtle) peak through the enamel to create a delicate design.

Many jewelry makers offer enamel accents in necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. Our GoBeachy designers love to incorporate enamel into our daintiest pieces. We currently offer enamel in our earrings and bracelet collections – these pieces are the perfect gift for anyone who loves to add a touch of sleek elegance when accessorizing.



At GoBeachy, we love enamel for its smooth, elegant appearance. If you are looking for something that echoes the incredible depths of the ocean with a delicate simplicity, check out our enamel jewelry collection today.

Our Favorites

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Starfish Pearl Studs displayed up close by being worn on a woman's ear.
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Deep in the Ocean Sea Turtle Necklace hanging close for a shot with a blurred beach background.
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Deep in the Ocean Sea Turtle Earrings displayed by being worn on a woman's ear.
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White Rope Sea Turtle Bracelet displayed closely by being worn around a woman's wrist.

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