Materials and Care

  • Jewelry Care 101

    Going on a beachside holiday vacation or already thinking ahead to summer? Perhaps you're dreaming about which beachy accessories might look best with your favorite outfits. Keep your jewelry pieces looking brand new with these important tips for care, cleaning, and storage.
  • A Guide to Larimar Jewelry

    At GoBeachy, we can’t think of a more perfect gemstone for beach jewelry than the vibrantly stunning Larimar. In this guide, we explore Larimar's unique origin, striking appearance, and care instructions for anyone thinking about investing in this affordable, high-quality, remarkable gem.
  • Abalone vs. Mother of Pearl: What's the Difference?

    At GoBeachy, we incorporate both abalone and mother of pearl into many of our ocean-inspired jewelry designs. Some people believe these two materials are interchangeable; however, while they are very similar, abalone and mother of pearl are not the same. In this article, we explore the fundamentals of both abalone and mother of pearl to help you choose the perfect piece.
  • A Guide to .925 Silver Jewelry

    .925 silver, also known as sterling silver, is beloved by jewelry connoisseurs everywhere. Its bright sparkle, durable finish, hypoallergenic properties, and light weight make it a popular choice for both everyday wear and formal occasions. Whether you already own a few .925 silver pieces or are looking to add some sterling silver to your jewelry collection, we created this resource to help you explore the ins and outs of this versatile metal. In this guide, we cover:
  • A Guide to Enamel Jewelry

    Throughout history, people have valued enamel for its versatility and smooth, colorful appearance. Enameling allows jewelry designers to c...
  • A Guide to Opal Jewelry

    Opal is a dazzling, luminescent semi-precious gemstone that exists in a vast collection of shimmering hues. The price point for ...
  • A Guide to Resin

    Resin jewelry has recently increased in popularity due to its eye-catching style and versatility. Resin is a viscous, clear substanc...