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5 Styles of Beach Earrings We Love

Earrings are a versatile, useful accessory that create a sense of sophistication and style. Whether you are relaxing at the beach, walking on the boardwalk, dining in a romantic restaurant, or going out with friends, donning a pair of studs or dangling earrings adds a polished element to any look. In this article, we discuss five different styles of essential beach earrings to have in your jewelry box.


Studs are one of the most popular styles of beach earring. These versatile adornments work well for active beachgoers who want their jewelry to stay put while they’re out and about. At GoBeachy, we love to design beach earrings that are durable and attractive, and we create studs in a wide range of styles. Our most popular stud designs include sea turtles, crabs, paw prints, seals, starfish, the heart of the ocean, and other nautically-inspired accents. All of our studs are made from durable, high-quality metal alloys, but we also incorporate accent materials like opal and resin to bring our beach earrings to life! 

Wire Hook

Beach earrings that feature a wire hook backing are also quite popular with sunchasers. This style of earring works well in both formal and casual settings. In fact, many of our wire hook beach earrings are designed to transition from a day of fun to a night out on the town. Our more formal designs include abalone pendants, pearl accents, sea glass designs, and enameled sea creatures. Beach earrings with a wire hook dangle and sway with the body's natural movements, making them an eye-catching accessory for any look. 


Hoop earrings are a timeless treasure in the jewelry world, and we love to leverage this chic style when designing new beach earrings. While hoops can certainly be worn with casual attire, many of our GoBeachy styles include a pop of color to elevate this classic look. Lab-created blue opal perfectly encapsulates the deep blue essence of the ocean, and our delicate opal inlays and accents are designed to capture the magnetic energy of the sea. Some of our hoops also include nautical stylistic elements like droplets, fish, and waves to create an authentic beachy vibe. 

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Huggies are a versatile and stylish earring option for day or night. Their hallmark small size and wrap-around design make them delightfully dainty and endlessly chic. At GoBeachy, we love to incorporate pearl, opal, and metal accents to enhance the elegance of each of our huggie designs. These adorable adornments would make the perfect gift for a friend or family member who loves the beach.


Drop earrings offer an elegant, refined option for anyone looking for sophisticated beach earrings. At GoBeachy, our drop earring collection includes some of our most intricate designs – some feature wire wrapping with enameled sea creature elements, while others offer stunning Larimar and opal accents. Our designers also love to incorporate sea glass, providing a genuine beachy essence that is certain to delight any wearer. If you are looking for a romantic gift or a more formal accessory for yourself, you can’t go wrong with our range of drop beach earrings.

give the gift of sparkle

Beach earrings make a memorable gift for anyone who loves to spend summers by the water with their toes in the sand. At GoBeachy, we design our beach earrings to be durable, attractive, and unique, and our styles are versatile and wide ranging. Shop our collection to find the perfect pair of beach earrings today!